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Payroll Tax Solutions is well equipped to provide expert advice and quality consultancy services for all your payroll tax needs.

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Payroll tax is a state tax on wages paid by employers. Different thresholds and rates apply in each Australian jurisdiction. The definition of wages is extremely broad, with various exemptions and rebates available.

Our knowledge and experience can greatly help your business get it right,
whether you’re a growing small business, a large firm, or a business advisor/representative.

Payroll Tax Registration

Registering for payroll tax can be a complicated process. Businesses must register for payroll tax if their total Australian wages is greater than the allocated threshold of a particular jurisdiction. We will work with you to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Audit Assistance

A payroll tax audit can be very onerous and complex process with the obligation to produce a great deal of information in a timely manner. We will work with you and take you through step-by-step to make the process as smooth as possible.

Monthly and Annual Lodgement

We can help you calculate your monthly tax liabilities and lodge these on your behalf. We can also assist you with your submission of your Annual Reconciliation/Return.

Payroll Tax Health Check - Wage Code Reviews

We offer “Health Checks” to ensure your business is on the right track. We can identify potential issues, seek exemptions and rebates available and ensure compliance with all your legislative requirements.

Contractor Reviews

Engaging contractors and knowing whether to include their payments is one of the greyest areas of payroll tax. We can help you analyse the payroll tax liability of your contractor engagements and provide guidance on substantiating any claims for exempt contractors.

Legislative & Administrative Advice

Payroll tax legislation can be quite complex and convoluted; we can provide technical advice and/or seek rulings on your behalf for those trickier aspects of the legislation that apply to your business.

Exemption Reviews & Application

Certain businesses are exempt from payroll tax; however, they must apply for an exemption, and once approved review their status every three years. We can help with both the application and review of any business exemption application or review.

Group Member Administration & Exclusion Requests

Incorrect grouping of businesses can significantly increase payroll tax costs. We can help you get it right with our group structure advisory services. We can also assist by determining the grounds that may warrant you receiving an exclusion from a grouping.

Payroll Tax Planning Services

Whether you’re a larger start-up business and need to consider the implications of payroll tax, or you want to strategise the best way to legally minimise your payroll tax costs, we can help you consider all avenues available.

Private Ruling Requests

Certain aspects of payroll tax legislation allow the Chief Commissioner of State Revenue to apply his/her discretion, we can help you prepare your submission to be considered for the best possible outcome.

Objection & Review Requests

If you disagree with an assessment outcome of an audit, or a decision of the Chief Commissioner of State Revenue it is your right to object and request a review of that outcome. We can help you through the process of an objection and help you to prepare your best case for consideration.


If you or your personnel are new to payroll tax, or would like a refresher/update, we can customise training to your needs and be available to offer follow up advice while on the job.

Seminar & Conference Speaker

Whether it be for a general overview or detailed break-down of a specific topic, we can tailor our presentations to meet your needs.

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expertise & guidance

Payroll Tax Solutions is well equipped to provide expert advice and quality consultancy services for all your payroll tax needs. Our knowledge and experience can greatly help your business get it right, whether you’re a growing small business, a large firm, or a business advisor/representative.

In this age of superior data analytics tools and the sharing and matching of data by government agencies, payroll tax is increasingly becoming the woe of many growing businesses. Revenue agencies are imposing considerable penalties and interest charges for late lodgement and getting it wrong.

We provide guidance and professional advice on all payroll tax matters, whether it be helping you to register for the tax, or offering assistance in the midst of a full-blown payroll tax audit investigation.

With us on your side we will work with you to create effective payroll tax solutions.


Meet Andrew

Andrew Fricot has over 15 years professional experience working in the field of payroll tax and other state taxes, grants and rebates. He has fine tuned his knowledge working in both the public and private sectors. The majority of his experience has been as a key payroll tax spokesperson and advisor for Revenue NSW (formerly NSW Office of State Revenue) offering technical advice and education to many accountants, solicitors, bookkeepers, payroll managers, directors and CFOs.

Being a former employee of Revenue NSW working in various roles, Andrew has been responsible for training many of Revenue NSW’s payroll tax auditors and is highly regarded as a technical expert in all things payroll tax. He has published numerous payroll tax content items for websites, factsheets, case summaries, seminar notes and articles.

As a seasoned professional speaker, many people both nationally and internationally have either listened to one of his webinars/podcasts or attended his seminars. Andrew is a well sought-after presenter who has assisted professional bodies and industry associations offer their members continuous professional development and education opportunities by speaking at their meetings or conferences.

Andrew Fricot

Founder & Director

In a dynamic business environment, we strive to find flexible long term solutions which can be adapted to our clients' needs.

Andrew Fricot
Founder Of Payroll Tax Solutions


Videos, podcasts, Seminars & webinars

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Webinar: Payroll Tax Update 2020

Note: Audio starts from 23 seconds. Disclaimer: In no way does the content of this video constitute legal advice. Content provided should be considered as general information for private use only.

Podcasts: TAX TALKS

Check out these Podcasts hosted by the website Tax Talks covering various payroll tax topics including Exemptions and Rebates, Grouping Provisions, Contractor Provisions and more.


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Payroll tax treatment of JobKeeper Payments
Payroll tax relief measures in response to COVID-19



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